Protect RPS Mandates

North American Windpower

During the Wind Industry Leaders Panel at WINDPOWER 2013 on Tuesday, Alonso, CEO at EDP Renewables North America and chairman of the board of directors at the American Wind Energy Association, told the audience that Wind industry participants can help advocate in five states where legislative bills are coming due for a vote regarding renewable portfolio standards (RPS).

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China Moves Closer to Starting Regional Carbon-trading Programs

Scientific American

China will soon begin its grand experiment to rein in climate change, using the nation’s regionwide carbon markets as the building blocks for what could become the world’s second-largest emissions trading market.

This is expected to boost China’s renewable energy capacity because financing from polluters can support more wind farms, hydroelectric dams and solar power plants. The ambitious goal of those Chinese regionwide carbon trading pilots is to prove that the mechanisms work and can be deployed on a larger scale.

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Wind Power To Hydrogen

Norfolk Wind Energy LLC

Emerald H2 and Norfolk Wind Energy have signed an agreement to produce hydrogen from wind power. The planned 10 MW wind and 500,000 kg hydrogen project will use energy from wind turbines to produce hydrogen.

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First-Quarter Results Show Wind Sector Experienced Robust Funding Activity

Mercom Capital Group LLC

The wind industry saw strong funding and merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the first quarter of this year. wind sector venture capital (VC) funding rebounded in the first quarter, raising $16 million in three deals after the previous quarter saw just one $500,000 VC deal.

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Curtailed Wind to Curtail Coal Heating in China

National Energy Administration (in Chinese)

The National Energy Administration (NEA) of China issued a Notice to urge development of wind-to-heat projects in northern China. This practice aims to reduce the waste of wind power and cut emissions from the coal-fired central heating system. Experiments have been carried out and the approach is going to be scaled up, but further innovations are needed to really shake the dominance of coal.

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The End of Paying for Electricity by the Kilowatt-Hour

Greentech Media

“I think we’ll see something similar to telecom,” said Urban Keussen, SVP of technology and innovation at E.ON, one of the world’s largest investor-owned utilities. Instead of paying per minute or byte, many phone plans have moved to flat fees for services.

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ABB Buys Power-One for $1 Billion to Add Inverter Capacity


Just few weeks ago,  Advanced Energy acquired REFUsol for US$ 77 million.

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Good News From the IRS on the PTC for Wind


A newly issued definition from the IRS has removed the last element of uncertainty attached to the extension of PTC (the production tax credit). In order to meet the “commence construction” qualification, developers must either: 1) show “physical work of a significant nature” has begun on their project, either a) at the site, or b) in a factory to which the developer has given a binding order for specially designed equipment, or 2) show that at least 5 percent of the total project cost has been incurred.

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China Overtook the U.S. in Clean-energy Spending in 2012

The Pew Charitable Trusts

China reclaimed the top spot in clean-energy investments last year. Investors poured $65 billion into Chinese clean-energy projects last year, up 20% from 2011, thanks mainly to consistent policies. The U.S. fell to the No. 2 spot, with $35.6 billion, down 37% from the year before.

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Enercon's Wind Turbine Installations Grew to 3.5GW

Windpower Monthly

Enercon reported it had installed 1,747 wind turbines around the world in 2012, with a total capacity of around 3.5GW, compared with about 3.2GW in 2011. The company will continue its policy of incremental growth. Around 3.8GW of installations are due in 2013, on course for 4GW in 2014, according to the firm.

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